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What is Your Blog’s RSS Feed (and why you need to know)

Wouldn’t it be magical if your blog readers were notified every time you created a new post?

** Waves magic sparkly silver wand **

Although the wand is spiffy, you can use technology instead of magic. This cool techno tool is called RSS. And if you have a blog, chances are you already have it set up.

But chances are, you’re not using it to its full potential.

Let’s change that.

What is your blog's RSS feed any how to use it for marketing

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, but is commonly called Really Simple Syndication. RSS is used to create a feed for your blog, which will let a feed reader know every time you add new content to your website.

There are multiple feed readers available, but personally I use Bloglovin to keep up with my favorite websites.

How RSS Can Benefit Your Blog

Using a tool such as Bloglovin is great if you are a blogger, because you can get fresh content from other blogs you use for research delivered to you daily.

But the real beauty of RSS readers is your audience can follow you!

Here’s how to add your blog to the Bloglovin directory:
How do I add my (or someone else's) blog on Bloglovin?

Another cool way to utilize your blog’s RSS feed is by automating your newsletter.

At this point in time, I don’t have a huge email subscriber list, so I haven’t put the effort into regularly writing content exclusively for them.

But in an effort to stay in touch with my audience, I send an automated MailChimp email each week which lets them know what I have posted.

Learn more about setting up the automated MailChimp RSS to email feature.

How to Find Your Blog’s RSS Feed

If your blog is on the Squarespace platform, like mine, your RSS feed will be:

So, for example, my blog posts can be found here:

so my RSS feed is:

For more detailed instructions, you can read Squarespace’s support documentation.

If you are using a different website platform, such as Wordpress, check their documentation or Google for help on setting up your feed.

As a blogger, your RSS feed is a great way to automatically communicate anything new on your website. Be sure to take advantage of this handy tool to keep your audience in the know about what’s new on your blog. 

(NOTE: Using RSS is guaranteed to work better than a sparkly silver wand.)

How do you use your RSS feed?

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