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The Solopreneur's Summer Bucket List

Remember when you daydreamed about the freedom and flexibility being a solopreneur would offer you? Me, too. 

But after I took the leap, I found that corporate culture had been ingrained in my day. Unless I was at me desk and in front of my laptop, I didn't feel like I was working.

Celebrate being a solopreneur - it's a great time to get outside.

Let's take advantage of the flexibility we worked so hard to achieve!

Add the items below to your summer solopreneur bucket list.

Summer Bucket List for Solopreneurs

1) Work from a different coffee shop.

Even when we get out of the office, it's easy to get stuck in a rut. Try a new cafe or go to a coffee shop across town. A change of scenery can do great things for your productivity and creativity.

2) Read a business book - outside. 

Take some time to sit outside, whether it is in a hammock in your yard or on a park bench. Select a business book you've been meaning to read - that way, you won't feel too guilty.

3) Take a long lunch.

Even after being a solopreneur for over 3 years, I still feel like I have to rush back to my desk if I've been gone for lunch for more than an hour. How silly is that? Let's break that habit this summer. Take a leisurely lunch. 

4) Day drink.

You're such a rebel! No need to go crazy with this one by downing a six-pack, but why not enjoy a glass of wine or a frosty brew during that long lunch? You're an adult and the boss. You're allowed to do that. 

5) Wear shorts and flip flops.

Yep, we've all read those articles about how when we work from home we need to get dressed, do our hair and wear makeup. I get that; it really does make a difference in how confident I feel. 

But just for the summer, let's have casual Fridays. Wear shorts, flip flops and ponytails. 

6) Pick some fresh flowers for your desk.

Whether they are from your yard, the grocery store, a florist or a local farmer, flowers are a beautiful addition to your desk. Celebrate the bounty of summer with some colorful flowers.

7) Shop for a new client-meeting outfit and get a blow-out. 

You know, as a practice run for some new headshots. ;-) We can rationalize this, right?

8) Take some time off.

Finally, give yourself a vacation. Even when you're living you're dream, you can still get burned out. Some time away from the office to refresh, relax and renew.

Which one of these items are you looking forward to? Any others you'd add to the list?


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