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The 5 Secrets of Instagram Marketing Rock Stars

Instagram marketing success doesn’t happen by accident. Businesses who have grown large audiences primed to purchase have taken deliberate steps to build that following.

The good news is by following their lead, you can establish a targeted audience for your business. Personally, I have used these habits to create build 4 Instagram accounts from 0 to over 1,000 followers within 30 days.

The 5 Secrets of Instagram Marketing Rockstars - how to grow your Instagram account

Let’s examine the five habits necessary to grow a big, buying audience for your business.

Instagram Marketing Secret #1: Post Consistently

Consistent posting is critical to Instagram marketing success. It is important to stay top of mind of your audience. Once per day is the sweet spot. It is frequent enough to be seen and create a relationship, but not so often that you’ll be struggling to constantly create new content to share.

There are tools, such as Iconosquare, to help you to discover the best time to post for your audience. However, if you miss the recommended time window, go ahead and post anyway. It is more important to post consistently than to worry about when to post.

Instagram Marketing Secret #2: Stick to a Theme

Successful Instagram marketers need more than crisp, photos. They need to be on-brand and within the business theme. A personal Instagram account may switch between vacation photos, selfies and concert shots. But successful Instagram marketers know an audience follows you for a specific reason. Keep your business account focused on your products or services.

Stick to a consistent on-brand color palette and style. It may be tempting to post that selfie you took with an industry expert at a trade show, but if the image doesn’t fit in with the overall aesthetic of the feed, don’t post it.

Instagram Marketing Secret #3: Invest Time in Interaction

Successful Instagram marketers recognize engagement is a two-way street. Replying to comments left on your posted images is a requirement. Those who have mastered Instagram marketing understand they must also spend time seeking out users in their target market.

They spend time every day liking and commenting on the photos posted by potential clients and customers. And successful Instagram marketers understand leaving a comment such as “stop by our account for a discount” is spam, while a thoughtful and relevant response will be well received.

Instagram Marketing Secret #4: Hack Hashtags

Hashtags are the magic potion of Instagram. Hashtags are how to get discovered by users who are not followers. They don’t buy into the idea that using all 30 hashtags is considered spammy; they understand the value of hashtags and use them ALL. And they know that putting those 30 hashtags within the first comment instead of in the photo caption will collapse and hide the hashtags.

Successful Instagram marketers understand hashtags shouldn’t describe what is in the photo itself. Instead, they use hashtags their audience would scroll through.

Instagram Marketing Secret #5: Use Calls to Action

Instagram can create sales, gain subscribers and drive traffic to a website. Successful Instagram marketers realize you have to tell your audience what you want them to do. They do more than just ask followers to “click link in bio.” They give the followers a reason to do so – whether it is a discount or a free download.

Are you ready to grow your business Instagram account? Start by adopting these top 5 habits of successful Instagram marketers and you will be on your way in no time. 

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