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Prepare Your Website for Cyber Monday


According to CNBC, Americans are projected to spend $3 billion on one day. ONE DAY! Wouldn’t it be great to put even just a fraction of that money in your account this year? 

But here’s the bad news -- Cyber Monday is fast approaching. 

And I am not ready. 

As I was thinking about getting my own digital product ready for Cyber Monday, I thought there may be more solopreneurs in the same boat. Why don’t we go through the process together?

To make the most of the holiday shopping season (without going completely insane), we need to have a solid plan lined up.

For the 4 weeks, I'll walk you through creating your product step by step. Here’s what to do this week.

Entrepreneurs, is your website ready for Cyber Monday? This week (week 2 of a 4 week guide), let's go through your site to be sure it is ready to handle all those sales. Click through for the checklist.


Week 2: Do a Website Audit

I realize with only a week, there’s no time for an entire website re-design. (But if you do need one soon, I’d love to work with you). 

So let’s get down to what’s the most important thing about your website this holiday season. Is it easy for visitors to buy from you?

That’s what we are going to make sure of this week. Go through the checklist below to verify your website it ready to handle the upcoming influx of sales. 

Cyber Monday Website Audit

  • Is your website mobile friendly?
  • Are there any broken links in your shop or shopping cart areas?
  • Are your purchase buttons and process clear?
  • Does the contact form work/send to an email address you actually check?
  • Do you make it clear how to contact you other ways (phone, email, social media)
  • Is your email subscriber form working properly? Will you be segmenting your list in any way?
  • Are your images on brand? Check at least the last 5 blog posts, your home page, and any product photos.
  • Is Google analytics set up and tracking?
  • Do you have any affiliate links – are they pointed correctly?
  • Are there products/services you wish to remove from your offerings?
  • Are social icons pointing to the correct accounts? Remove any platforms you are not regularly using.

For additional insights and recommendations for your website, check out Hubspot’s super helpful (and FREE) Website Grader

Tasks for this Week

1  | Finish product/make any revisions if required
2 | Website audit
3 | Fix any issues you find.
BONUS: Clean up your social media accounts as well.

Want a printable version of the checklist? 

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