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Have Your Digital Product Ready for Cyber Monday

According to CNBC, Americans are projected to spend $3 billion on one day. ONE DAY! Wouldn’t it be great to put even just a fraction of that money in your account this year?

But here’s the bad news -- Cyber Monday is fast approaching.

And I am not ready.

As I was thinking about getting my own digital product ready for Cyber Monday, I thought there may be more solopreneurs in the same boat.

Why don’t we go through the process together?

Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, are you ready for Cyber Monday and the holiday season? Join along as we work together to create a digital product from scratch in time to sell for the holiday season. Click though for the details.

To make the most of the holiday shopping season (without going completely insane), we need to have a solid plan lined up.

Between now and the week of Thanksgiving, I am committing to creating a digital product from scratch and preparing a solid marketing plan to sell it on Cyber Monday.

To get ready, we will go through the process below.

5 Steps to Preparing Your Online Business for the Holidays

  1. Finish any courses/digital products to sell this holiday season
  2. Do a website audit
  3. Decide on Cyber Monday deal, other holiday offers
  4. Create social media posts and graphics ahead of time
  5. Create and schedule any email promotions

Each Monday (starting 11/2/2015)  you will receive an email with a detailed task list.

Commit to the tasks and you’ll have a brand new digital product to sell on Cyber Monday.

Are you in? 

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