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Get More Done: 3 Sound Tools for Concentration and Focus

As a work from home entrepreneur, the distractions are endless. It is touch to concentrate when your dog starts barking or the garbage truck is slowly making its way down the street. 

I've found using sound based productivity tools really does improve my concentration; especially when writing. While you don't need to use headphones for these tools, it truly does enhance the experience.

So grab your ear buds and knock those items off your to do list, because here are 3 great sound based tools to help you get more done.

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3 Productivity Tools to Get More Done

1) Coffitivity

Do you tend to get more accomplished when working at a coffee shop? In addition to the caffeine boost, the ambient noise may be increasing your success. Instead of spending $4 for a latte, try adding the coffee shop ambiance to the music you already play at home.

Coffitivity makes a great addition to your existing music choices. Place the sound level of the coffee shop environment just above that of your music. 

My favorite thing about this tool is its simplicity. Choose your cafe setting and then get started.

You can use this tool online or download the app if you are on the go. Coffitivity has both free an premium options.

2) Focus@Will

If deciding that soundtrack to play with your Coffitivity seems too daunting, Focus@Will provides scientifically tested music to boost your concentration.

Additional features that set Focus@Will apart are the ability to set the energy level for your music (low/med/high) and also the option to track how productive your session was.

This service also can be played through your browser or as an app on your mobile device. Focus@Will has a 2 week trial and after that is a paid service.  

My favorite channel is the Acoustical. 

3) Noisli

Noisli provides various nature based and ambient sounds for you to listen to. You can be your own productivity dj, making combinations of different sounds.  You can save your favorite combos to use later.

While Noisli provides sound based services, it also has some additional benefits for productivity fans. As someone who easily gets distracted by other open programs and toolbars, I like the distraction free editior. 

And for folks who use the Pomodoro technique, there is a timer.  

Noisli is free, but in order to use the text editor and timer you must create an account.

Now, get to work!

Do you find sound impacts your productivity as an entrepreneur?

*Focus@Will is an affiliate link