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For Better Blog Results, Change What You Measure

improve blog results

Wrote a new blog post but nobody read it.

Advertised my new service and no one signed up.

Created a beautiful pin for Pinterest but it didn’t get any repins.

When you feel like you're doing everything "right" but not getting results, try tracking something different.

What are other things we can measure while we continue to create traction with our other efforts? (Because I’m not telling you to stop blogging, making new services or pins if that is a long term strategy for you).

What types of things can we track instead?

Change the Measurement Game

Let me give you a non-business example. I want to lose weight, and like most dieters I want 20 pounds to magically drop off over night. Unfortunately, that’s not realistic.

So instead of creating a goal of a number of pounds to lose in a month, I decided to make my goal the act of tracking

I was inspired to do so after remembering the following quote.

What gets measured gets improved.
— Peter Drucker

 It is one of my favorite business quotes.  I put it into action by deciding to measure my measurement. (so meta).

Because in truth, I was in denial about my weight gain and decided ignorance was bliss when it came to my weight. If I didn’t know what it was, it wasn’t true. Oh, the mind games we play with ourselves.

So, I changed the game. No matter what the scale read, I committed to weighing and tracking my weight every day for a month.

My goal wasn’t to cut out carbs. It wasn’t to exercise every day. It wasn’t even to lose 5 pounds in a month. It was just the practice of weighing myself.

And you know what? After 30 days of making my goal to monitor my weight, as a side effect I had actually lost weight. 

Redefine Your Goals

How can we change our focus in business?

Maybe it isn’t to get 1,000 website visitors. Perhaps instead it should be to create 3 new blog posts per week for a month.

Or rather than gaining new program participants – what about split testing a certain number of ads to determine the ad with the best conversion rate?

Don’t focus on repins on Pinterest, but instead making a beautiful pin for each existing piece of content on your blog?

You get the idea.

How to Redefine Your Goals

  • Where do you want to see results? – income, blog visitors, social media followers?
  • What actions do you know (or suspect) will bring you these results? 
  • How can you track your actions instead of the goal?
  • Track your actions for at least 30 days. It very well may be the actions you are using may not be the best way to get the results you want, but you must realistically give it time to work. You can always try something different next month.
  • At the end of the 30 days, congratulate yourself on your consistent action. Because consistency really is key online. 
  • Also look at your overall goal results – has your website traffic increased as a result? What seemed to work and what didn’t?
  • Next month – adjust your goals and do it all again

Ready to give it a try? 

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