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DIY Mid-Year Office Refresh

Wow, how did it get to be July already?

My home office has been neglected for a few weeks now, and it is really starting to show. In addition to the usual organizing the mountainous paper piles, my work area needs a little something. 

Not an entire redecoration, mind you - but just a refresh to perk things up.

Here's a round up of 5 great DIY projects to add some oomph to your office.

5 DIY Office Refresh Projects

5 Office DIY projects for home offices and entrepreneurs

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Gold Desk Organizer,  DIY Art, Succulent Planter, Receipt Jar, Bullet Journal


1 - Desk Organizer

Wrangle those gel pens, markers, pencils and other desktop items with a super cute organizer. 
No need to spend lots of bucks on one - View from the Fridge  shows you how to make your own Anthropolgie knock off gold pencil holder.

2 - Wall Art

This DIY artwork  from Oh Everything Handmade will add some color to your space without overwhelming. Plus, it looks fancy but isn't too complicated to make. 

That's a win in my book.

3 - Succulent Planter

Plants instantly adds some life to any office. But I never remember what's been watered when and which plant needs how much. 

That's why succulents are the perfect office plant. Many of them can withstand a fair amount of neglect and still thrive. For best results, though, be sure to follow the care instructions provided with your plants.

Tilly's Nest shares a tutorial for this adorable succulent planter. While it is shared as a teacher's gift, it would look great on any desk.

4 - Organize Receipts

Receipts are a huge park of the aforementioned desk piles for me.

They're such a pain to manage. They never seem to be a uniform size and somehow always peek out of stacks of normal paper. 

I love Homestead Revival's idea for a receipt jar. It keeps them all together in one place, which comes in handy when managing business expenses. 

However, it's not forcing me to be super organized and file them all right away.

Because instant filing won't happen. That's how the stacks began in the first place.

This is a great intermediate solution - receipts are kept together in a pretty solution and will be ready for recording when I take the time to do so.

5 - Bullet Journal

Are you ready to jump in and give the bullet journal a try? Me, too.

I've been intrigued by the bullet journal systems all over Pinterest, but haven't set one up yet. 

Not sure what a bullet journal is? Think of it as a combination of a daily to-do calendar and a journal. Learn more about bullet journal system 

Then hop on over to Hello Brio to learn how to get started with a bullet journal

What are of your office needs the most attention?

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