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Declutter Your Digital World

We often talk about decluttering our physical world - messy closets and bathroom cabinets. But there is another kind of clutter your are probably living with: digital clutter.

Getting rid of files, programs and photos you don't need will not only clear up some hard drive space, it will also make things easier to find and just plain nicer to look at.

Here are some places to check for digital clutter.

clean your digital clutter


When I save a new file, I'm guilty of saving it to the desktop so I can easily find it again. The problem is, I accumulate so many files on my desktop I still have to spend time trying to find where the file icon ended up.

Take a few minutes to create folders by category, such as by client, and then move all those desktop files into the appropriate ones.

Downloads Folder

My computer automatically saves all downloaded files to a folder named Downloads. I have a bad habit of opening that file and then saving a copy on the desktop (now you know why my desktop is really messy). 

After that, I have 2 versions of the same file. Who needs that?

Go through your downloads folder (or wherever you computer saves these files) and delete any you no longer need or have saved in another location.

Apps on Your Phone

I am addicted to photo editing apps. Maybe for you it is games. But no matter what, it is highly likely there are apps on your phone you rarely use. 

Free up some memory on your phone as well as streamlining your screen.

Phone Photo Album

Do you take 4 versions of every photo like I do? If so, your phone's photo album probably gets cluttered. 

If you don't want to lose all your photos, try setting an automatic backup of them using a service such as Dropbox. After the backup, you can delete them from your phone, yet still have a copy in case you need it.

Your Inbox

Opt in for a free PDF, video course, ebook....whatever the current bribe method is. I fall for all of those marketing tactics. Many times you do indeed get valuable content.

The problem is in a month or year, all those lists you subscribed to may not be relevant to your life of business anymore. Take the time to unsubscribe from those lists.

It takes less than a minute to remove yourself from a list, and in return you'll gain an inbox free of promos that aren't relevant.

Where do you accumulate digital clutter?