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Create Your Website: Creating the Content

A lot more goes into a new website than just a pretty design. You're going to need to add content, whether it is on static pages or an ever growing blog. 

A website designer isn't going to write your content for you. That's fine; you wouldn't want her to, anyway.

You know your business the best and when you write your personality will shine through. 

Content is key for search engines to find your website. In addition, it's a great way to showcase your knowledge to prospective clients or customers. 

Step 2 of creating your website is writing the content.

Pssst...did you already read step 1 Know Your Blog Purpose?

 Hey entrepreneurs, your website needs copy! Here's how to get started writing the text for your new website.

Step 2: Create Your Website Content

Your task at this point is to get the content assembled without overthinking about how it will be displayed. 

Once you begin writing your content, the basic structure of your website will start to emerge.

Start with These Four Website Pages

These 4 topics are a great place to start.

1) Home/Welcome
What do people need to know immediately? Introduce your business and highlight your specialties. 
2) About
Share why you started your business, who you serve and your relevant experience.
3 ) Contact
Usually a very short page with a form, but you'll still need to have some basic text asking readers to contact you as well.
4) Services/Products
Write down the what makes your product or service special. If you will be selling items directly, you will need text descriptions of each item, including specs like dimensions and sizes. 

If you offer services, share the results clients can expect when working with you.

The Only Time You Should Blog

There's only one instance when you should blog - when you are willing to commit to it.

If you're not going to stick to writing blog posts on a regular basis, don't do it. Why? It looks like you're flaky and aren't committed to your online presence. 

Overall, blogging is a wonderful strategy for connecting with potential clients. It establishes you as knowledgeable and helpful.

Updating content on your website is like candy to the search engines. 

BUT this magic only works for those who are consistent with valuable content. 

Are you in? I mean reeeeaaaaaallllllly in?

Good. Schedule writing blog posts on your calendar and honor that promise you just made to your website.

Tips for Your Website Content

  • Write like you're having a conversation with your reader. 
  • Don’t rely on designer to be your proofreaders. they will copy and paste your text and be looking at is as a whole (do I need to break up a big block of text, create a divider, etc) rather than going through your message. 
  • Don't write for SEO (search engine optimization) - at least at this point. You can always go back later and optimize your pages for SEO. For now, focus on getting those ideas out of your head and onto the computer screen.

The written content of your website may not be as sexy as designing the site or creating pretty graphics, but it is just as essential. The content is where you will establish your relationship with your audience.

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