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9 Ways to Bust Out of an Entrepreneurial Rut

Being in an entrepreneur is awesome in so many ways. You are in control of your own life. You make all the business decisions. Your dog is by your side. You can run to the post office in the morning to avoid the lunch line.

But all this awesomeness doesn’t mean you’ll never fall into a rut again. It happens.

Whether you’re burned out from doing too much or feeling blah about your product offerings, those feelings of complacency and boredom can set in.

Without deadlines or a boss constantly asking for your status on a project it can be all too easy to stare blankly at your computer for hours.

Are you ready to bust out of that entrepreneurial rut?

 Are you an entrepreneur who is stuck in a rut? Here are 9 ways to get your solopreneur mojo back again. Get excited about being an entrepreneur again.


Here are 9 Ways to Revive Your Entrepreneurial Spirit:

1. Change of scenery

Staring at the same wall every day isn’t inspiring. Go to your nearest coffee shop with wifi to work for an hour or so. I find the energy of being around others uplifting – plus there’s a perceived pressure to actually work in front of others.

If you go to the same café all the time, this is a great opportunity to try a new one.

2. Do a brain dump

Sometimes a rut can be caused by a lack of direction. Feeling overwhelmed can lead to doing nothing.

The fastest way for me to laser focus my next tasks is to do a brain dump. It gets all that clutter out of my brain and gets me excited for crossing stuff off my list.

(Here’s how to do a brain dump)

3. Learn a new skill

Learning new things can be fun and benefit your business. Is there a new skill you can learn that would enhance your product or service? A course you can take to help you market your business?

Mastering something new creates excitement, which can spill over into other areas of your business (and life).

4. Attend a conference

Conferences are great for a myriad of reasons. You may get to travel to a new city. You’re around others who are interested in your industry. You’re likely going to learn at least one new thing, and probably be reminded about how much you already know. A confidence builder, for sure!

5. Go to coffee with another entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. Sometimes the only contact you have with others is emails and the occasional phone call.

Get out of your house and have some real human interaction. An actual conversation!

Meeting up with another entrepreneur can be beneficial because they are in the same boat as you. Plus, you can learn about some great new resources and tools from them.

6. Do something out of the normal 9-5 routine

If you’re like me, you were probably looking forward to the flexible schedule of being an entrepreneur. But with a world around you that sticks to a schedule (a spouse who goes to a job, for example), it can be easy to slip back into that normal routine.

I still get anxious if my lunch break goes a few minutes over an hour. How silly is that?

Sleep in one day. Take a long lunch. Day drink (gasp)! Do something that would seem rebellious if you were in a J.O.B.

Take advantage of your flexible schedule, if only to remind yourself you are the boss.

7. Outsource something

Ruts and burnout can stem from feeling like you’re doing the same thing over and over. Is there a particular task you dread doing every day?

If your social media makes your skin crawl, find someone who loves to do it. If replying to emails bores you, get a virtual assistant.

True, it may take time upfront to train someone, but once you’re over that hump you’ll have lots more free time to do what lights you up.

8. Read an inspiring book

Whether it’s about business or a biography of a successful person, books are full of great ideas and inspiration.

Need some recommendations? Here are 5 Books That Changed My Business.

9.  Go have fun

Working your way out of a rut doesn’t work. Step away from that computer and go have some fun.

Have a dance party in your living room. Go for a walk outside. Draw or paint.

Allow yourself to go do something thrilling. It may seem counterintuitive, but having fun instead of working will make you more productive and inspired when you do work.

So let go and live it up!

Entrepreneurial ruts can sneak up on us. If you find yourself starting to dread your desk, try one of these techniques today.

What are your favorite ways to break out of a rut?

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