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5 Must Have Online Tools for Entrepreneurs


Trying to stay organized and on top of things as an entrepreneur is enough to make you want to throw your laptop across the room. But before you have another meltdown, check out these five online tools that will keep you (a bit more) sane.

Here are 5 services I can't operate without.

5 Must Have Online Tools for Entrepreneurs

Cloud Based Note Taking

I use note taking software to keep track of blog post ideas, to do checklists, blog post drafts, lists of resources and on and on.

I love that I am able to access one file no matter if I am on my laptop, iPad or iPhone - whether I am at home or away.

Evernote is my go to note taking system. You probably already have a Google Drive account, so you can always use Google Docs to jot down thoughts, too.

If keeping your notes organized by projects is a priority, try Trello.

Cloud Based Files Storage

Sharing files with clients is an important part of my job as a designer. Logo files, images, text docs and more all need to be provided to me to put together a website.

When I first started out, clients would email me files. My inbox got bloated quickly, I would receive multiple versions of the same file and I never felt organized.

Proving a central location for clients eliminated needless back and forth emails, issues with files being to large to send, and general inbox overwhelm.

I love Dropbox and pay for extra storage. But take advantage of the free storage offered by Google as well.

Calendar scheduling software

When I rolled out my Squarespace website set up service Prepare Your Square, I wanted clients to be able to commit to a date right away for accountability, but remove the need for sending multiple emails to find a time that works for both of us.

A calendar scheduling software keeps everyone on the same page.

Calendly allows me to include a payment link in the appointment confirmation. Because in addition to setting a date, I find sending in a deposit increases the commitment and engagement level of clients.   

Social media scheduling tools

Social media – ain’t nobody got time for that!

Actually, I tend to make too much time for it, and the next thing you know it is two hours and 45 clicked links later.

To limit make more efficient my time on social media platforms, I find using a scheduler is key. I also like that if I am going on vacation, I can plan out posts ahead of time.

However, scheduling posts doesn’t mean you're hands off for the whole week.

You still have to allot time for responding to any comments or questions that pop up. Also, I try to add in some spontaneous tweets or retweets if something comes up.

I mostly use Hootsuite for Twitter, but you can also schedule and monitor Facebook and other social platforms.

BoardBooster (*affiliate link) is my new Pinterest crush. If you haven’t tried it out yet – you must!

For a while, I didn’t pay much attention to Pinterest as I felt it was cumbersome and time consuming to create content and grow a following.

But here’s why you need to be on Pinterest: It’s not truly a social media platform, it is a visual search engine.

You’ll still have to spend time creating pins for your own content, but Board Booster makes the rest a cinch.

My repins and likes are through the roof since I’ve started using it (yay!), and while my current following is small, it is growing steadily.

For many of the tools I mention there are options. But not for BoardBooster.

It has a really cool feature no other schedulers currently offer – Looping.

Say you have a board of 150 pins of your own content. BoardBooster will spread those out for you over time. But once it gets to the end of your list, it will start over with the oldest pins again. Genius!

These are 5 tools I am sure to carve out budget for; they are well worth the times saving and investment.

When you’re a solopreneur, time is precious. That’s why I carve out budget for these tools each month.

List of Must Have Tools

1 | Note taking (Evernote)
2 | Storage (Dropbox)
3 | Scheduling (Calendly)
4 | Social media scheduling for Twitter and other platforms (Hootsuite)
5 | Pinterest scheduling (BoardBooster *affiliate link)

As an entrepreneur, what are your must have online tools? 

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Megan Corwin wants to live in a world where rainy days are for naps, wheat beer is not just for summer, and her dog always wants to snuggle. Her latest project— Prepare Your Square— is currently booking clients to have their Squarespace websites created in one day. Learn how you can have a website designed for you without having to take out a loan or feeling like you want to throw your laptop.

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