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5 Business Services Worth the Expense

When you’re an entrepreneur, deciding what to spend money on can be a daunting task. Large businesses can absorb bad investments and purchases, but as a solopreneur spending money on your company feels much more like taking money out of your own pocket.

While there’s risk in any purchase, here’s a list of 5 business services I’ve invested in that have been worth the expense. 

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5 Business Services Worth the Expense

1 – Squarespace

Using Squarespace instead of Wordpress has made blogging so much easier. I’m a fast study when it comes to technology (I’ve even held programming jobs), but the admin panel of Wordpress left me a bit baffled.

Squarespace has beautiful designs and a mostly intuitive interface. There’s still a learning curve involved, but Squarespace has fantastic tutorials, a sold knowledge base and extremely responsive support. 

If you’re thinking about moving to Squarespace, this service is for you.

2 - Pinfinite Growth course

Pinterest has been the main traffic driver to my multiple websites. In fact, about 90% of the total traffic to this website comes from Pinterest.

Much of that traffic can be attributed to what I learned from Melyssa Griffin’s Pintfinite Growth course.

In addition to traffic, my number of followers have grown from about 100 to over 800 in a matter of months. Here’s to growth!

If Pinterest is in your marketing strategy, then this course is worth the investment.

Learn more about Pinfinite Growth.

3 - Tailwind

One of the strategies learned in Pinfinite Growth is scheduling pins. There are lots of great tools to do just that, but after some trial and error I’ve landed on Tailwind as my favorite option.

3 things I love about Tailwind:

  •  the service recommends your best times to pin
  • you can schedule pins months in advance
  • it even recommends pins for you, so you aren’t spending all your time digging for new content 

Get more info about Tailwind.

4 – Hootsuite

For Twitter scheduling, Hootsuite is my go-to. I like the ability to upload a spreadsheet of multiple tweets into the queue.

I keep a spreadsheet of tweets related to blog posts (about 2-3 tweets per post) and keep adding them to the lineup as they get used.

Of course, you’ll want to schedule other people’s content and non-promotional tweets as well.

For a free option, Buffer is great. 

5 - PicMonkey Royale

Even though I have the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, I still use PicMonkey for fast projects.

If your photo editing is limited to cropping, adding effects and text, PicMonkey is really all you need.

The interface is super easy to understand and the tools are terrific.

And they’ve recently introduced a mobile app. Woot woot!

These 5 business expenses have been worth the investment.

What are your favorite business services?