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3 Tips to Organically Grow Your Twitter Following

Twitter isn’t as pretty and flashy as some of the other popular social media outlets, but guess what? It is still effective.

I love Instagram, but to create a beautiful feed takes effort. I love Pinterest for driving traffic, but it doesn’t nurture relationships.

Twitter is a sweet spot between the two. Creating interesting content can be relatively fast, yet the social rewards are high.

So, are you ready to up your Twitter game? Here are 3 tips I’ve found to be extremely helpful while working to organically grow my Twitter following.

As an entrepreneur, networking and making online connections is important. Twitter is a great tool for getting to know others as well as driving more traffic to your website. Here are three tips to help you organically grow your Twitter following. Click through for the details.

3 Tips to Organically Grow Your Twitter Following


Consistency is key on Twitter; perhaps more so than any other social media platform.

Why? The main reason why consistency is so important on Twitter is that the lifespan of a tweet is so short. According to Wisemetrics, the half life of a tweet is about 24 minutes.

Does that mean you need to tweet every 24 minutes? Well, no, but it sure brings to light that one tweet a day just isn’t going to be effective. In order to get your message across, try to tweet multiple times per day.

There’s no need to set a timer on your phone to remind you to tweet multiple times per day (although you could). There are plenty of scheduling tools available to you for arranging your tweets ahead of time.

Buffer and Hootsuite are my favorites. I’ve also heard great things about Edgar and Coschedule.

Include the Source in Your Tweet

It’s clear now you need to tweet multiple times per day. But what on earth are you supposed to tweet?

Twitter is a natural place to share real time events, such as conferences or meetings, with others. Twitter is also a great platform for sharing your content, including blog posts, videos and images.

Remember though, social media isn’t all about you. Share great content created by others as well. If you find a great article – share that link!

But here’s the real tip: be sure to include the twitter handle of the author within your message. Many times you may have to do a bit of extra work by seeking out their account name. But not only is giving credit the right thing to do, it will open the line of communication.

Unless you are sharing link from a huge corporation or brand, chances are the small business or person you mention in your tweet with at least favorite or retweet it. And in many cases, they will reply with a personalized message thanking you for sharing.

You’ve gotten in front of that person and are starting to forge a relationship. Fantastic!

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats can be extremely intimidation and overwhelming. But the good news is, they are a plethora of knowledge and a great way to meet others.

Most Twitter chats have a host, who will ask questions throughout the chat to get conversation going.

Using a tool to show you only the tweets from the specific chat is a real sanity keeper.

For a guide to breezing through Twitter chats, I recommend checking out 6 Ways To Succeed During a Twitter Chat + Our Favorite Chats for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs from The Nectar Collective.

Twitter chats will introduce you to many other followers at one time and help you forge even more social connections. In addition to finding more people to follow, you’ll probably pick up some new followers of your own.

Are you doing these 3 things on Twitter? Which has been most effective for you?

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