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3 Actions that Drastically Increased my Website Traffic from Pinterest

In the last month, I have put a concerted effort into my Pinterest presence.

Like me, you’ve probably read tons of blog posts about how Pinterest is a big driver of traffic to websites – usually second after search engines.

With the goal of providing valuable information to internet entrepreneurs, I am testing out all the tips and tricks to pass along the verdict to you.

Here are 3 things I started doing in September that had a big impact upon my overall Pinterest stats and resulting traffic.

Bloggers and entrepreneurs - do you have a Pinterest strategy? I didn't until last month, but 3 actions drastically increased my repins and grew my followers. Want to know what I did? Click through to find out - they are easy actions you can take, too.

3 Actions to Drastically Increase Traffic from Pinterest

1 | Pin Consistently, Every Day

So before last month, my Pinterest strategy was to create and post a new pin for every blog post. And that was it. No wonder I didn’t see much traction from this lack-of-plan.

I ramped up my pinning, thanks to BoardBooster, to about 50 pins a day. And what a difference it has made in my overall visibility.

I love that BoardBooster will spread my pins out over a time period or within time windows I specify.

Being consistent is key online, and I am really pleased with how my new automated daily pinning strategy is working so far.

2 | Add Better Pin Descriptions

Another big mistake I was making with my pins was not adding a keyword rich description. My descriptions were usually just the blog posts title.

Not only was that redundant (I put the blog post title on the actual pin image as well), it wasn’t doing me any favors in the search department.

I started adding keywords within my pin descriptions.

Here’s a simple formula I use for writing a pin description:

If you are a [insert target market keywords], then [problem or issue your blog post addresses.] Find out how to [what your article teaches]. Click through for the details [or other call to action].

And don’t even worry about adding hashtags – they really aren’t effective on Pinterest, so focus on keywords within your descriptions instead.

3 | Utilize Group Boards

Group boards have become some of my best traffic sources.

One way to find group boards to join is through PinGroupie, a directory of group boards by topic.

However, my favorite way to find group boards is to look at the profiles of successful people in my industry and see what group boards they pin to.

Before joining, take a look at if the boards have a good following, the pins get repins, and there is plenty of activity on the board.

Try to keep your group boards to about 5-7 to prevent looking like a Pinterest spammer.

Every month, evaluate the effectiveness of the group boards you pin to, and leave any that aren’t worth your time. BoardBooster has an super handy Board Performance report to help you weed out those that aren’t gaining repins.

To join a group board, visit and follow the board. Most board administrators will have instructions about how to request access to the board written within the board description.

While I am still refining my Pinterest strategy and have lots of room to grow, I am happy to report in the past month I have had 27% follower growth, with 71 new followers over the past 51 days.

If you’d like to pin together, be sure to follow me here:

PS - I learned all of this awesomeness (and a TON more) from The Nectar Collective's Pinfinite Growth Course.* Check it out!

And I highly recommend checking out BoardBooster* to schedule your pins.

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