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Coffee Shop Etiquette for Entrepreneurs

Work from home entrepreneurs need to get out of the house occasionally to stay sane. Work from the road entrepreneurs need a place to stay connected while travelling. It's safe to say at some point as an entrepreneur, you'll find yourself at the "coffice" - your makeshift coffee shop office. 

Avoid evil looks by taking the 5 following pieces of coffee shop etiquette. 

coffee shop etiquette for entrepreneurs

5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Do When Working from a Coffee Shop

1) Buy something

Don't be that person who sits at the shop eating their own snacks and drinking out of a thermos from home. This isn't a public library; a coffee shop is a business. They provide wifi and other services in exchange for your purchase. 

At the very least, purchase a drink to support the business. 

2) Sit at the smallest table possible

During non-peak times, it can be acceptable to spread your books, laptop and phone all over a large table. But if the coffee shop is busy, be respectful and sit in a one person chair or the smallest table available - usually a table for two. 

Leave the large tables for groups.

3) Earbuds = Do Not Disturb

Be aware that when others in the coffee shop are wearing earbuds or headphones, they are in the zone. It is a virtual do not disturb sign. 

These people are politely indicating they don't want to network or chat about the weather. Let them do their work.

4) Keep your noise level to a minimum - go outside for phone calls, turn down laptop sounds

It's impossible to be totally quiet, and some background noise may actually help people working at the coffee shop be more productive. You don't, however, want to be an annoying distraction to those around you. 

Take your phone calls outside or to an empty part of the shop. Turn down your phone alerts and laptop sound so random beeps and dings don't break the concentration of others.

5) Don't hog the outlets

Eventually, you'll have to plug in your laptop to charge the battery. That's OK.

Using the only outlet in the area to charge your laptop, phone, blue tooth gadgets and games all at once isn't. Charge as needed, but not excessively.

Do you ever work at coffee shops? Any other faux pas to share?