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19 Ways to Grow Your Blog Today (When You Don't Feel Like Posting)

You're dedicated to growing your blog every day. But the truth is, there are times when you really don't want to write a new post. 

That's OK. There are still plenty of fast, easy actions you can take right now to grow your blog.

Ready? Here they are!

 19 ways to grow your blog today - even if you don't feel like writing a new post


19 Ways to Grow Your Blog (Besides Writing a New Post)

  1. Comment on blogs in your niche.
  2. Comment on Instagram photos of your target market.
  3. Write 5 tweets about your latest blog post and schedule them for the future.
  4. Get on Pinterest and look for future blog post ideas. 
  5. Create and add updated images to an old post.
  6. Review your blog for opportunities to internally link posts about related topics.
  7. Add affiliate links to blog posts written before you monetized.
  8. Create a new, alternative image for your most popular post to test it on Pinterest.
  9. Promote one of your pins on Pinterest.
  10. Add you latest blog post to StumbleUpon.
  11. Submit one of your latest blog posts to SITS Girls.
  12. If you haven't already, submit your blog to Bloglovin.
  13. Follow other bloggers on Bloglovin.
  14. Apply to a new affiliate program.
  15. Take an online course about an area of your blog or promotion strategy you'd like to improve.
  16. Retweet content from bloggers you admire. And be sure to tell them why you like them!
  17. Read a book about blogging, social media or marketing. I recommend (affiliate links):
    Problogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income by Darren Rowse
    Jab, Jab, Jab, RIght Hook by Gary Vaynerchuck
    How to Blog for Profit: Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup
  18. Make a list of 5 future products you are interested in creating.
  19. Search a site like to find on brand photos for future posts and pins.

What other items would you add to the list?

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