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How to Grow Your Business and Still Enjoy Summer

Bright, sunny mornings filled with coffee on the porch. It may be easier to get out of bed during the summer, but getting in good work time is a whole other story. The pool and lazy afternoons seem so tempting.

We can always find ways to justify slacking off -- the weather won't be this good forever, the kids are out of school, I just needed to run to the store....

But unfortunately the calendar and the clock don't stop during summer months. Take a break and you could find yourself feeling behind for the second half of the year.

Here are 10 ways you can continue to grow your business while still enjoying summer.

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10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

While it's only March, the sun is shining on this warm day - and it has me motivated to clean. There's something about cleaning that represents a fresh start. Plus, for me an uncluttered envitoment translates to a somewhat uncluttered mind.

As entrepreneurs, we spend lots of time working online, and that can create computer chaos. It's time to clean that stuff and get ready for the renewed energy of spring. 

Here are 10 things for entrepreneurs to clean up their virtual worlds.

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9 Ways to Bust Out of an Entrepreneurial Rut

Being in an entrepreneur is awesome in so many ways. You are in control of your own life. You make all the business decisions. Your dog is by your side. You can run to the post office in the morning to avoid the lunch line.

But all this awesomeness doesn’t mean you’ll never fall into a rut again. It happens.

Whether you’re burned out from doing too much or feeling blah about your product offerings, those feelings of complacency and boredom can set in.

Without deadlines or a boss constantly asking for your status on a project it can be all too easy to stare blankly at your computer for hours.

Are you ready to bust out of that entrepreneurial rut?

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Create Your Website: Creating the Content

A lot more goes into a new website than just a pretty design. You're going to need to add content, whether it is on static pages or an ever growing blog. 

A website designer isn't going to write your content for you. That's fine; you wouldn't want her to, anyway.

You know your business the best and when you write your personality will shine through. 

Content is key for search engines to find your website. In addition, it's a great way to showcase your knowledge to prospective clients or customers. 

Step 2 of creating your website is writing the content.

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