Welcome to Six Hawk Drive, my place for sharing my finds from my daily dog walks.

The beauty in nature has always been alluring to me. I get great pleasure from observing the world and it often piques my curiosity.

While driving I-71 between Columbus and Cincinnati to care for ill parents, I was always counting the number of hawks I saw on the trip. Six is the average number per drive.

Most days I’m at home in Columbus, where my dog Emmet and I take twice-a-day 10 minute walks around a suburban neighborhood and small park. I’m constantly amazed by the new and fascinating things I find.

Nature photography has been a hobby of mine for a while, so I challeneged myself to photograph one nature find each weekday.

My hope is to inspire you to take a minute to investigate nature in your own world.

My dog Emmet and I appreciate you taking the time to walk with us,

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